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2014 FIMS Annual Comprehensive Training

The Office of Acquisition and Project Management has conducted a three day annual FIMS training session on March 25-27, 2014 at the Y-12 New Hope Center in Oak Ridge, TN.  This event replaced our FIMS workshops.  It included the content we normally provide at our FIMS workshops plus one day of FIMS Validation Training.  Provided on this page is the agenda and registration of those who were in attendance.  The presentations from this event are listed below. 
Presenter Topic Presenter Topic
Dalby, Phil (OAPM) DOE Disposition Process - Shrinking the Federal Footprint
In Situ Closed
Melendez, Carmelo (OAPM) Presentation to the Laboratory Operations Board
  (Infrastructure Assessment Subgroup)
Real Property Background
Strategies for Acquiring an Interest in Real Property
Gordy, Mark (STARGATES) GSA Occupancy Agreements
Laboratory Operations Board FIMS Enhancements
  (Condition & Utilization Screen Samples)
New FIMS Land Processing
Pugh, Adam (OAPM) Condition Assessment Information System
Deferred Maintenance and the 5-Year CAS Inspection Cycle
Graff, Ivan (OAPM) Applying the Memo on Data Related to Operations and Maintenance  (DROMa Attachment)
D&D: Definition and Discussion
Freeze the Footprint Update
State of our Facilities Report
Smith, Gayle (STARGATES) Accomplishing FRPP Reporting and Improving Data Quality
FY14 Year-End Schedule
How to Use the New FIMS AAIM Module
Working With the New FIMS Excess Window
Hunt, Cindy (OAPM) Asset Management Plan
Bridges & Culverts
DOE Facilities and the DOE Strategic Plan
Underwood, Jeff (NA-00-20) NNSA Infrastructure Initiatives - BUILDER and MDI
Kohut, Mike (GCI) Future FIMS Enhancements    

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Prior Year Workshop Presentations
2013 (Virtual)
2011 (Las Vegas, NV)
2010 (Cincinnati, OH)
2009 (Memphis, TN)
2008 (Palm Springs, CA)

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Further Information

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Mark Gordy (mark.gordy@hq.doe.gov) or Gayle Smith (gayle.smith@hq.doe.gov).  You can also contact the FIMS Hotline at 301-337-6019.

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